Dave Head (47):

“My name is Dave Head and I am a member of TEN the Lifestyle Company in Meerssen since November the 1st2015. The reason I started here, was because of Pim: he was in my football team. During the season I got a knee injury and being inactive made me gain a lot of weight. Another guy on our team told me about ‘Sportvasten’ and I knew TEN also offered this of course. That’s when I called and made an appointment. 

Leanne was my coach and she told me I couldn’t start immediately with the Sportvasten course. My endurance was not good enough and I had to change my eating habits to start the course. Leanne helped me a lot with both goals, I completely changed my bad eating habits (eating pizza, drinking beer) to healthy eating habits. We also did specific cardiovascular training to improve my endurance and get ready for Sportvasten. 

I really wanted to get back in shape: I was incredibly unfit. Because of my knee injury I couldn’t do anything at that time, so I was very frustrated. I’ve always loved to sport, but my body didn’t allow me to. 

The main goal was to play one more season of football without an injury. This was my last season and I wanted to finish in a good way. 🙂

Since I started training and having dietary advice at TEN, my life completely changed. I was doing everything wrong and I finally found someone who told me to do things the right way. 

All my habits changed, and I finally found a gym with a good team who really listen to you and care about you being successful. They point you in the right direction, the trainers don’t only want to ‘break’ you. No: they are professional trainers, listening to you. What are your goals? And how are we going to get there? The team really knows what they’re doing. 

After the Sportvasten, which was a great way to start my lifestyle change, I went on and for  the first 6 months I stuck to the Fit & Slank method Leanne gave me. I changed every meal of the day. First, I bought take away food or ready-made meals, now I really started to make my own dishes myself. It wasn’t even that much work! 

In total I went from 103kg to 76kg. Now I’m about 82kg: I really found the right balance now. If I gain a couple of kilograms after a holiday or a more inactive period and want to lose weight, I know what to do. At 76 kg’s my girlfriend was begging me to stop losing more weight at that point 😉 . As for the training part: I always did a lot of sports and I’m really the type of person that never gives up. It’s just too easy to give up. In the past I had some issues with back pain because of sitting down too much at work. After Sportvasten I started with more strength training and it really paid off. Since then I have no more back pain. Exercise keeps my back muscles strong and keeps the pain away.

I would describe TEN the Lifestyle Company as a friendly, nice environment with a very good professional team. It is really nice coming here because it’s not intimidating: there are no pumped up guys in front of the mirror. I would rather say: TEN the LifeCHANGING Company.